A deserved victory

The Sanremo Music Festival 2022 was the 72nd edition of the annual Sanremo music festival, a television song contest held between 1 and 5 February 2022, and presented for the third time by Amadeus, who also served as the artistic director for the competition, alongside a number of co-hosts.

Blanco and Mahmood were the winners of the Sanremo festival. 

I followed the whole festival, and from the first day one, I cheered for them.  I really liked the lyrics of the song and the melody.  It speaks of the desire to communicate, to express oneself but also of the fear of loving and making mistakes: making mistakes because it is often more comfortable to escape.  If the desire is not to waste this opportunity, we must overcome the difficulties in a relationship that lives between passion and the escape from responsibilities and from those who get too close to our soul.  I have a quote from the song that is very close to my heart: “A volte non so esprimermi (sometimes I can’t express myself) “: this sentence describes me because I often fail to say what I think and what I would like to say in order not to mince words, it is difficult to each of us do it, but we have to learn.

I had already followed Blanco for a year and listened to his songs because they bring me a lot of joy.  I think this victory is more than it deserves. They are two young people with a great desire to make music. They will go to Eurovision in a month, personally, I hope they will win as the Maneskin did last year, overtaking all the participating countries.  Obviously, nothing to take away from the other singers such as Elisa (who came in second place), Emma, ​​Fabrizio Moro, and many others.

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Veronica Astuto



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