Over the course of time, women have been always underestimated and considered inferior to men both on a physical level and on an intellectual one. 

Women had no rights, they couldn’t work, they had to be good wives and mothers but over time and with many sacrifices they managed to increase their power and to gain a position in society. In the Western world between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the representatives of the female gender began to speak out their voices and to demand the same rights as men.

Women began to work and to get aware of their skills and capabilities, especially during the two world wars, when they had to replace men, called to fight, in their tasks. 

Thus, the first awards arrived in Italy only in 1946 when women were called to vote for the very first time. In 1948 the Constitution established equality between the sexes and in 1975 a law decreed equal rights between husband and wife.

There are important and strong women who have set an example for all of us. 

Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who became famous for the diary she wrote while hiding from the Nazis. She is the embodiment of fight and strength. Coco Chanel, a Parisian designer who revolutionized the concept of femininity and founded her own fashion house, Chanel, which is still an icon of fashion.

However, today there are women who are still being mistreated, abused or killed by their husbands or partners. 

Every year on March 8th, International Women’s Rights Day is celebrated, commonly called Women’s Day, to remember both the social, economic and political achievements, and the discrimination and violence that women have been suffered.The symbol of this day is the mimosa. Mimosa is a very powerful symbol: it is not expensive, and it is apparently delicate, but tenacious and resistant as well as women are.

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