This Christmas is a strange Christmas. You are all

wondering why? It’s that simple, for the covid 19 pandemic. Christmas

means a lot to me, I love Christmas, I love spend time with my family but

this year It won’t like that. I love to make the Christmas tree and the

nativity scene. When Christmas comes my family suffers immediately, but

the one who suffers the most is my grandmother who is caught by the

kitchen syndrome: sausages, gnocchi, tortellini and so

on……………practically not is a dinner is a bomb!!!! I have an aunt who

lives in piemonte and I hardly ever see her. When Christmas comes it is

said that everyone becomes better but come on you must always be

good. I can’t bear people who love Christmas only for material things,

Christmas is nice to be with the family and to have fun together. Last year

my cousin and I were the merchant auctioneers at the fair and we were

spending a lot of money. Anyway after I told you how I sent last Christmas

now let’s move on to the saddest thing: how will I spend this? Surely we

will be closed at home but I hope at least to be able to a least see and say

merry Christmas to my family. I hope for a Christmas miracle. I hope we

can all return to everyday life, I miss the scent of school desks and the ink

of pens, I miss chatting with my friends, I miss all of this, I miss my life.

However having said that I wish you a Merry CHRISTMAS to everyone.

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