A chat with…Domenico Quaceci, a talented musician from Misterbianco

On 20 December 2021, the whole of our class and the teachers ran an online meeting with Domenico Quaceci, a young musician from Misterbianco, to give him an interview. Beforehand, we researched his life and, by watching some videos, we got to listen to his debut album “Like an Ocean”. Finally, we prepared some questions to ask on the day of the online meeting. 

Here is our full interview:

Domenico, why did a young boy who grew up between classical music and rock finally choose the classical genre? 

“Having grown up with both rock and classical music I never thought I had to choose and so it was. I never chose classical music and I never abandoned rock. Today everyone knows me thanks to classical music but this has never created a separation between the two genres, I still cultivate my passion for rock music.” 

Do you think your music can somehow involve young people in classical music? 

“Personally, I hope so. Although it’s classical music, it’s very close to pop, so it’s not very difficult for them to get into my music. Also, I’m not the only one who deals with this kind of music, but there are more and more people playing it. In my compositions I put all the passion I have towards this form of art: thinking that it can reach young people – and maybe even passionate them – makes me very happy and proud.”

Where do your musical compositions come from?

“From pretty much everything. Sometimes it’s me who decides to convey certain feelings. Other pieces are dedications to people. After realizing what I want to deal with in my composition, I start working on the piece. My work is therefore a very rational work, coming from personal inspiration and then put into practice.” 

What are your feelings while you are playing and what are you trying to convey? 

“It mainly depends on the type of song. In general, I try to convey the feelings and atmosphere that I put in the song itself. A good example is my song “Cold Wind”, in which I would like to transmit a feeling of protection from the cold wind, which is obviously a metaphor referring to negative and nostalgic thoughts which can invade our minds. ” 

Is there a musician you draw inspiration from? 

“Not just one, but several. Starting from the musicians I studied in the classical music field such as Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy, who inspired me a lot. At the same time I also listen to Italian singers like Cesare Cremonini and Achille Lauro and bands like Coldplay. So, if I find inspiration from different musicians or singers I am happy with that and I might use it in my next songs.”

Do you prefer playing solo or in a band? Why? 

“For many years I was part of a band and it’s totally different. Within a band it is necessary to find a balance between all the members, while alone I feel more free to express my opinions.” 

When you don’t perform, does music represent a refuge from reality? 

“Personally, I wouldn’t call it a real shelter. For me music is my reality, my world, from which detachment is practically impossible. For me music is a continuous discovery of something new, so I never get bored in my reality.” 

What made you prefer the piano to other musical instruments? 

“Honestly, I never chose the piano, we can say that the piano chose me. Objectively we are talking about a polyphonic instrument that allows me to create various types of compositions. The piano is the basis for every composer, in my case I always thought it was the instrument best suited to my needs.” 

Listening to some of your songs, most of us felt a feeling of serenity. Is it a choice or a coincidence? 

“In addition to being a form of art, music is also a form of communication. For this reason, I don’t choose the feelings that you are going to feel. The sensations are highly subjective and everyone perceives something different.”

Among your songs is there one that represents you most? 

“I have to admit that I don’t think there is a single track that represents me more than others. In fact they all represent me and all of them depict a little bit of my

evolution and therefore a small part of me.” 

Is music opening up professional opportunities for you? 

“Of course. For some time now I have been working with different record companies and I often dedicate myself to teaching my instrument. ” 

Did your family always support this choice, or did they prefer you to continue your studies? 

“My family has always supported me. I had the great opportunity to train in a conservatory (Istituto musicale V. Bellini di Catania). I’m thankful to my family for not holding me back and always believing in me. ” 

Are you working on a new album right now? 

“ I have already started to work on a new album, putting ideas together and starting to write some songs.”

Do you have a particular singer for whom you would like to write songs? 

“There are many singers I admire and for whom I would love to write, but I would certainly mention Cesare Cremonini, who I really appreciate as a singer.”

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