Thirty years after its release in cinemas, The Silence of the Lambs becomes a tourist attraction. One of the creepiest and scariest movie houses ever is about to turn into a … bed & brekfast. We are talking about the home of serial killer Jame Gumb aka Buffalo Bill, played in the film by Ted Levine, which is seen in the final part of the film. The new owner of the house located at 8 Circle St. in Perry Township, Georgia is Chris Rowan, art director and prop stylist from New York, who bought it from a former FBI agent.

Chris Rowan had an idea to make his recent real estate purchase pay off: “The house has all the credentials to be an interesting tourist destination”. In addition to what is seen in The Silence of the Lambs, in the back of the house there is an inground pool in the courtyard and a vintage train near the railway tracks. Rowan has thus decided to transform Buffalo Bill’s house into a bed & breakfast where you can stay overnight. Regarding the house, the owner added: “

The slogan with which he decided to promote his bed & breakfast? “Relax, fun and … Silence”. Chris Rowan is also organizing a contest to decide who will be the first “lucky” to sleep in Buffalo Bill’s house, The winner will  be informed  and the owner hopes to be able to start bookings “in a few months”. Rowan finally specifies: “The house really kept the same look it does in the film. It’s not in the bad shape Buffalo Bill kept it in, but all the places he and Jodie Foster interacted are just as you remember them.

 Transforming a private house that has belonged to a famous person and opening it to the public is certainly an enterprising idea to create a business and interesting for those who will benefit from it. It is certainly a winning idea to encourage people to visit the location and attract many tourists.

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