The mother church of Pedara is the basilica of Santa Caterina D’Alessandria.

The first construction dates back to 1388, but due to earthquakes and eruptions between 1408 and 1537, it suffered a lot of damage. The people of Pedara in 1547 they decided to build a new church dedicate at S. Caterina D’Alessandria. The works were completed in 1563. It was in Romanesque style, as evidenced by the main door and the rose window, which we see today at the base of the bell tower. In 1682, the priest Diego Pappalardo decided to build a larger one but due to the earthquake of 1693 it was destroyed. Thanks to Don Diego and the work of skilled craftsmen and artists, the church was rebuilt and completed in 1705 and in 1976 it was consecrated and dedicated to the patron saint, Santa
Caterina. The facade of the basilica is characterized by the contrast of the dark lava stone with the light gray of the
plaster. There is a bell tower, about 50 meters high, where in the central part we see a clock while the cusp part is
covered with ceramic tiles.

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Inside you can admire the frescoes by Giovanni Lo Coco which represent scenes from the life of saints John the baptist and Caterina. The main altar is dedicated to Santa Caterina.

Basilica di S. Caterina d'Alessandria | BuonaStrada

On the left aisle we find the altar dedicated to the holy sacrament which is adorned with a precious veiled canvas made in the early 1900s by expert local embroiderers.

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