6th JANUARY 2021.

6th January 2021 is one of the darkest days in the history of the United States.
On November 9th, 2020, elections were held in the United States. Democratic Party candidate, Joe Bide defeated incumbent Republican President Donald Trump. The votes of the electors brought victory to Joe Biden and consequently to the Democratic Party. On January 6th, 2021, the U.S. Congress met to certify Biden electoral victory. That meeting was cancelled because of the pro-Trump mob’s chaos at the Capitol (place of joint session Congress). Before the Congress meeting Donald Trump said that the elections were a fraud, so he is considered responsible for the riots. Trump always uses social media in order to communicate his thoughts. This event shows us how important is the correct use of social media. On the one hand, social media can be fertile ground for sharing thoughts, points of view and for comparing different mentalities; on the other hand they can be used for wrong purposes. In the case of Trump Twitter messages, many people were pushed to a storm at an important Institution of United States.
Most policemen let the protestants enter the structure, without imposing resistance. Police behaviour was very different during the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protests in 2020, when Trump called “terrorists” all those who participated.
It’s also very serious that it is happened during a global pandemic and a mass of people are without masks and do not comply with anti-Covid regulations, despite their country being the one with the most infections and deaths Covid in the world.
Many call for the impeachment against Trump, believing that the time has come to implement the 25th amendment of the American Constitution, which provides for the removal of the office of the current president, if he is not in the physical or mental condition to continue governing. The proposal comes from the vice president, in this case Mike Pence and must be signed by the majority of the heads of cabinet. Subsequently it is handed over to the Congress and, from that moment, it becomes operative. This amendment was introduced into the American Constitution by the murder of President Kennedy and also occurred in the past when Richard Nixon resigned.
I hope that this disconcerting event will at least serve to think how dangerous it is to bring certain people to power, that instead of bringing a nation forward, by making it develop and choosing what feels most right for it, He’s demoting her, because of the incompetent leaders. I agree with Biden’s speech, which gives me the impression of a better and more open-minded president than Trump. I do not agree at all with what Trump has committed: using social media to attack the institutions, in the midst of a global pandemic, for his “whim”, saying that the elections were fraudulent.
I agree with those who say that they are calling for the 25th amendment to Trump, because we do not know what he could do in the last few days of office, after a real terrorist attack.

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Claudia Celesti



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