Diversability is not a lack of ability, it simply is a different way to think and to solve problem. However, in some cases, it become a complication, so we have to look after these “special guys”, because they are a little bit different compared to us. They cannot do anything they want because they have lots of problems that stops them. A “normal” kid can run whenever he wants but a paralytic kid can’t do the same things and he has to live all of his life in a wheelchair. Thanking to Heaven science is doing a lot of progress in this scientific field but we have to remember that lots of types of diversability cases exist in our world and all of them are different. People who don’t accept diversability or differences in general are heartless, because we are all the same after all. Scientists says the colour of the skin, strenghtoud and weaknesses, can’t affect intelligence anyway. The “different one” doesn’t exist, strangers are not invaders and we have to receive them. We have to accept differences with equality.

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Malta experience

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Hello, my name is Davide, i’m sexteen, I’m from an high school of Messina called ‘’Jaci’’. I’m very happy to partecipate to this stage organized

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Trip to Malta

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