Juventus between innovation and tradition

Football club

One of the things that makes us feel “Italian” is the tendency that we all have to feel attached to one football team. This “attachement” is even more powerful when we live in the same city as the football team, an example could be Napoli or Roma. In this case being both a fan of the team and a citizen of that city is like something that you want to show off, something that you are proud of.

While for Roma is something that happens more rarely, in the case of Naples you can see the pride in the eyes of people. Napoli for Napolitans citizens is nowadays like an icon, the emblem of the city. Indeed, walking through Napoli’s street you can see grafitti of Maradona, who was the biggest Napoli’s player of all time, and Napoli’s logo. This shows how being fan of a football team it’s not just watching matches and cheering when a player scores a goal, it’s much more.

At least I think that every team follows this philosophy: we’re not only a fanclub or a bunch of people that are exulting for a goal, we’re a family who is sharing the love for a team.  Since I don’t live in big cities like Roma or Napoli I cheer for Juventus. Its history is crucial for us because it covers over 120 years of the football story.  The club was based in Turin and now has become the most successful team in the history of Italian football and amongst the football clubs of the world. It all began in a bench on Corso Re Umberto, one of the most famous streets in the city centre. A group of friends who shared the passion for football had the idea to create a sports club. The name comes from Latin where ‘Juventus’ means youth. They weren’t aware of it yet, but on 1 November 1897, they had given birth to a legend.

Juventus Museum

As a result of all the popularity that Juventus got over the years the city built a museum containing jerseys wore by the player, trophies, photos and information about the players. Aside from that in the site we can all discover more about the team, its story, for example, or even the lastest news and what they are doing for charity.  Some temporary exhibitions have been worth a visit like Gulp!Goal!Ciak” – Calcio e fumetti (2019). In 2017 the museum was awarded by the International Council of Museums. Its interactive offer is really interesting because of the famous players’ full-size silhouettes.

Visitors can choose to book the ticket only for the museum or together with the Allianz Stadium, which is one of the places of interest for its contemporary architectural features. We can admit that there is a mixture of fun, innovation and tradition of a team.

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