On the 7th January 2020, Joe Biden was elected President of the United States. After a long campaign, the Democratic candidate managed to beat the Republican opponent, Donald Trump. The elections were truly special, marked above all by the demonstrations of the Black Lives Matter movement and covid19. It was a bitter pill to digest for Trump, who didn’t hesitate to accuse Biden and his collaborators of having “rigged the elections”and on Twitter, one of Trump’s favorite social networks, to spread his ideas and his propaganda, he promised: The legal offensive will begin on Monday to ensure that the electoral laws are respected and the legitimate winner is elected”. social networks, are now a part of our daily life; they involve people, and create interest in all ages groups of population. So this involved a large sounding board for those who use them. Donald Trump, in various posts has instigated his supporters to react in all possible ways against the verdict of the votes. The Ban received his instigating tweets just one of the many blocks that his accounts suffered. but it didn’t avoid what happened on 6th January, in Washington. Congress met on Capitol to ratify Biden’s victory. Protestors initially surrounded Congress by climbing balconies; special forces and FBI agents, broke into the courtroom, to protect the lawmakers. the tension was very high, the police intervened with tear gas, then fired transforming into a battlefire.

Four dead, 13 wonded and 52 arrests. All the world, watched it on tv, incredulous, everybody thinks about the democracy. I Appel to these people, who don’t reflect the America, but are only extremists, and I say :”go away, let democracy go on,”.nobody have seen it in the past!!!

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Christian Raffa


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