Case of feminine bullyism in Siena

You can get some interesting articles from ANSA. This news agency has 22 sites in Italy and 81 offices in 78 more countries, so its position is the fifth among the most important news agencies in the world and its chronicles are transmitted in Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabian. Here below we report an ANSA’s article, where journalists wrote about an episode that happened in Siena, where a feminine baby gang was born. According to the referrals, the baby gang was made up of ten very young girls, who are about fourteen or fifteen years old and acted by bullying some victims on social networks at first, and then incited other girls to meet them in hidden places of the city so that they could attack also physically their victims. Moreover, ANSA says the authorities know the identity of the girls of the baby gang and how they related to each other: in fact, if one of the girls had betrayed the gang, she would be punished with physical aggressions by the rest of the gang. It’s sure that the same girls had been acting on social networks at Siena since 27th  June 2020 but their actions were leaked only in 2022. Now, the same girls are submitted to house and personal searches by the police by proxy of the Florence Juvenile Court. This new is interesting, because it can show that also girls and not only boys deal with baby gangs, cyberbullying and physical aggressions. Feminine bullying is less known than masculine bullying, because it’s rare, or maybe people just think it is. This article is interesting because we often think girls don’t bully or are bullied, and becuase we even see as sometimes social networks can transform from a quite nice experince of life to a form of physical and psyclogical violence just like this case of the baby gang, because these girls used social networks to locate their victims and waited for beating up them.

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