Two friends run away from their cities

AGI is a news agency that has got some editorial boards in Belgium, in Brussels, and you can find its news bulletin in six more languages: English, Chinese, Arabian, Spanish, Portuguese, French; ANSA has got 22 sites in Italy and 81 offices in 78 more countries, so its position is the fifth among the most important news agency in the world and its chronicles are transmitted in Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabian. According to AGI in Piedmont, at Pinerolo, the sixteen years old Selen Jennifer Castillo disappeared and seemed to have lost her cell phone and her documents because there was no way to search for the girl for her parents. The girl had been spending eleven days far from home before she was traced by the police of her city and found together with a friend met on Tik Tok, a seventeen years old girl, who was an influencer from Florence. Selen had left her mother a note on which was written “I’ll be fine. Either at daddy’s home or at a friend’s home. As soon as I find a phone, I will call you. I’m so sorry”. Her friend, the seventeen years old influencer, had came back to Florence by a train from Bologna, and when she arrived at home the police queried her, because it was quite possible that she had incited Selen to leave with her given that once she had prompted to a disabled guy to strip on social networks; however, the influencer replied she just wanted to take the train to leave from Florence and visit some other places with her sixteen years old friend. We still don’t know the reason why Selen ran away. This article is interesting because it shows that sometimes teenagers can do strange things when they meet a friend on a social network, and maybe they can even run away from their cities with no explanation of the reason why they did it; but, however, teenagers could learn something from other teenagers.

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