Night club dancers fight at night in Siena

Adnkronos reports almost all the kind of chronicle, from policy and economy to actuality and sport, and sometimes their works can be read over Italy, infact, it has a side called Adnkronos International dedicated to actuality news about all the world, mainly from the Arabian zone, and it transmits news in Italian, English and Arabic, and it’s often the first one to report special news from black chronicle. Adnkronos reports news from Siena, which are incredibly interesting. The reported news are about three young night club dancers, two Moroccan sisters and a Romanian woman, who came back home after spending a night far from the house they shared with other girls who they started a brawl with. It was a Sunday morning and at 7 a.m. someone, who heard the noises of the brawl, called the police to quiet the fight in the old town of Poggibonsi. When the police arrived, they saw a scene where three girls were holding sticks and blunt objects, blood on the walls and destroyed furniture. Rebuilding the dynamics of the facts was difficult because the place was upside down, messy, and because the young women didn’t explain what caused the fight or something else could be useful to rebuild the facts sistematically. So, we can say the reason why the brawl had started is unknown and mysterious, but the three girls were wounded in the neck and that’s why they were taken to hospital, and then arrested by the police, because they were the cause of the brawl. This article is extremely interesting because we don’t know how this dramatic event happened and evolved and readers can just hypothesize the core of this matter, by thinking about the fact that maybe they were just drunk after a night spent in a night club and that they weren’t able to reason. Moreover, knowing about a fight between girls who work at the same place is not so rare, because these girls’ job could be linked to the reason why the brawl started, infact, in this case the cause could be linked to money or something else about their job.

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