Sexual harassments in a high school

You can get some interesting articles from ANSA. This news agency has 22 sites in Italy and 81 offices in 78 more countries, so its position is the fifth among the most important news agencies in the world and its chronicles are transmitted in Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabian. Lately ANSA let readers know about sexual harassments in a high school of Siena. According to the news agency, this affair started when a lawyer of  the anti-violence center “Donna chiama donna” (“Woman calls woman”) presented at the school management the situation of a girl who had received sexual harassments by his teacher. Then, the school management discovered that 49 more students had been victims of the same teacher, who made sexual jokes and acted in a strange way in his lessons, as some videos which the principal saw can show and confirm. The teacher didn’t lose his job, but this case was signaled to the attorney, and according to the regional and provincial school management, in this affair the school had the responsibility to safeguard and protect its students from every kind of harassments, especially sexual ones. As we can see with this new, teenagers are always in danger of being victims of an adult molester, who is often defined pedophile, and it’s interesting to know the fact that an episode of sexual harassents happened in a school and even because of a teacher, who shouldn’t have acted in this way at job and that’s why he was denounced by the school managment and students’ parents. Moreover, as we can see, teenagers need protection from school and this latter should never underestimate the gravity of episodes about sexual harassments. This article could confirm that we need to change our habit to keep silent about harassments and to know much more about them.

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Ester Bonghi