Selena Gomez: an imaginary interview!

Journalist: I’m very proud to meet one of the most charming women and singers  in the history of the cinema, Selena Gomez…Nice to meet you!

Selena Marie Gomez: hi, thank you…

J.: Where were you born, Selena?

S.: I was  born in Grand Prairie on July 22, 1992

J: You’re very young and we know that you starred as a child in the tv series Barney and subsequently appeared in various Disney television series.

S.: that’s right and I have also sung  various soundtracks published by Disney Records and in 2008 she signed a record deal with Hollywood Recordsforming the band Selena Gomez & the Scene with whom I released the albums Kiss & Tell, A Year Without Rain andWhen the Sun Goes Down,…

J:  all certified gold in the United States.What do you prefer? Singing or acting?

S.: I don’t know, I can’t pick it.

J. But let’s talk about your breakup of the scene.

S.: Yes, it was in 2012 when I began my career, my own solo career by releasing the Stars Dance and Revival albums and the For You collection, devoting myself  mainly to musical collaborations with international artists .

J: you are a Unicef ambassador since 2009.

S. I like helping poor people, it makes me fell Happy!

J.: thank you , Selena for this interview, we wish you a wonderful career!

S.: thanks to you! Bye!

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