The  Christmas atmosphere, that festive feeling that takes during this period, that religious air that magically infuses itself even among people who don’t believe in the magic of Christmas. An atmosphere that can change everyone  as it happened to Scrooge in  Dickens’ Christmas Carol , a rich insensitive stingy man       who will discover the magic of Christmas by doing good to others.

At the end of this horrible year we couldn’t forget  the images of the coffins carried away by the  military tanks  and the images of doctors and nurses  exhausted from overwork. We think of pain and suffering of so many people. This Christmas has brought with it anguish and grief in a lot of families.

The virus has shown the profound inequalities between rich and poor. The  Christmas atmosphere with lights and decorations has made us happier, but the  measures to contain the pandemic has  required us to respect the distance each other, so during  these holidays we haven’t  met our relatives as we did before. We have done a lot of video calls, technology has been the protagonist of this Christmas. Many of us  have spent the holidays reading books, watching Christmas movies or cooking Christmas sweets.

This  Christmas has been very different from the others: a masked Christmas ,socially distanced and with restrictions. For many people it has been a time of loneliness.

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Paterniti Barbino Alessia