In Sicily you can visit 21 underwater cultural sites where you can see archeological finds that date back to the Greek period up to the Second World War. To experience a fascinating diving expedition among the remains of our cultural heritage, we highly recommend you to visit the Capua ship, near Trapani, the Roman Wreck located in Porto Palo and Cala Gadir, in the island of Pantelleria.

Capua was an English cargo ship used during the II World War. The hull gash, due to the violent explosion caused by fire, allows us to access the ship’s belly which is a spiderweb of rusty pipes, sheets and cables opening onto an old workbench.

The Roman Wreck, instead, is located on the West coast of the Island of the Currents at a depth of six meters. It dates back to the 3rd century A.D. It was a ship carrying white marble blocks from the Island of Marmara, on the Turkish coast.

In Cala Gadir, at the depth of 18 meters, we can see a series of artifacts dating back to the Punic-Roman era. Unfortunately, only the fragments of the amphoras are deposited on the bottom of the sea-bed and only a few pieces of residual wood of the ancient shipwrecked ships are still visible today.

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Amani Abroud, Alessia Albergamo, Carla Cappello, Elena Caruso, Simone Ciciulla, Annalisa Guastella, Enrica Mattei, Marika Sivillica, Ottavia Tomasello, Claudia Tumino, Daniel Vitale


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