2030 agenda and his goals

The 2030 agenda is a document drawn up by the UN on 25 September 2015 and has the aim of “transforming the world”. It encompasses three spheres: the social, the economic, and also the environmental. The document consists of 17 objectives called Sustainable Development Goals and 169 sub-objectives to be achieved by 2030. The main purpose is to be able to achieve an economic development that respects the environment and, the 193 countries that are part of the organization of the united nations and that have joined the project, must commit themselves to be able to achieve as many goals as possible by 2030.
Goal number 11, for example, concerns sustainable cities and communities which aims to transform cities into sustainable and green places, which respect not only the environmental dimension but also the social and economic one.
This goal also provides that by 2030 it will be possible to achieve inclusive urbanization, that is to say, that all inhabitants of a city are guaranteed the same possibilities and the same rights. This is a very sensitive issue as it is not possible for foreigners to be discriminated against or excluded from society for the color of their skin or their traditions and it is absolutely not human and correct that disabled people who are in a wheelchair cannot use ramps suitable for self-climbing on the sidewalks.
Another goal concerns the sustainable city which is the basis of a dignified and safe life and we have to take
care of it and protect it … only in this way can we help our planet to achieve great results: if we love our world we must respect it !!!
In the media in general there is much talk of the various environmental, social, and economic problems that
exist during this period. Many sites report news about, for example, cities where there is a high rate of pollution such as Bangladesh and Monaco. I was in Rome in 2015 and I can guarantee that it is really sad to see how the capital of Italy and also its cultural heritage is submerged in the garbage that people throw into the streets. In Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, although rules have been imposed to respect (bring the waste to the Ecopunto or respect the weekly commitments to separate waste collection), not everyone understands the importance of protecting the environment.

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Claudia Caruso


4°B1 Liceo Linguistico Enrico Medi Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto