“I feel lonely”, “I don’t feel enough”, “I have no more self esteem”, I hate myself and those around me “, are just a few examples of sentences on  which everyone who is reading, has reflected at least once in his life  or has heard spoken by a teenager.

You often hear about it but most times people can’t understand what hides  behind this period of life, adolescence.

No one would ever be ready to see the downsides that make up the reality toward which you interface, and by “negative sides” I mean that series of attitudes given by human wickedness and that cause injustice; this is precisely why every teenager should always be encouraged to give his best, but with the utmost caution and attentiveness, because it’s he who, for the first time, has to deal with this mixture of periods, childhood stolen from time and reality with its downsides.

Every teenager is literally forced to face a  reality that he would have never wanted..

From this constraint it is inevitable that they can form in the adolescent sense of inequity, vulnerability and anger that affects negatively every  situation in the life of a  teenager.

Often, the aim of the teenager is to  search for the lost reality seen  from the point of view of the child that lived  inside  him, but this represents a danger because the rationality of the adult who is in him also intervenes and this makes the teenager discouraged and prone to make mistakes.

I’m 16 years old, so I’m in the middle of my teens and I totally understand what it’s like to have moments of weakness but luckily the little girl who lives inside me, full of love and strength, never abandoned me, but above all, I’m devoted to my mother who taught me even to appreciate them to get something special. I think everyone deserves such a special person by his side.

The teenager needs an endless love, the same love he felt   as a child and,  be kind to him, he’ll remember this for the rest of his life.

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Alessandra Mendola


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