Mattarella bis: victory or defeat for Italy?

Sergio Mattarella was born in Palermo on the 23 July 1941. He graduated with honors from “La Sapienza” University of Rome. He has held lots of important political positions in his life: he has been elected at the Parliament for the Christian Democracy Party, he was Minister for Relations with Parliament, and he was elected President of the Republic on 31 January 2015. The term of office as president of the Republic in Italy lasts seven years, but this year Mattarella was re-elected. All this, for the Italians is a shame, because in a week of voting they have not managed to elect anyone, but, fortunately, Mattarella has been proposed again for the country. But this was not in his plans! in fact, the president was already moving into an apartment and was ready to relax with his grandchildren. Despite this, we wish good luck to President Mattarella and thank him for having made himself available. In short, the Italians were very lucky to have re-elected Mattarella, because Mattarella is a very good person but the Italian politicians didn’t make a good impression on us!

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Chiara Calpona


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