February 7, National Day Against Bullying

The 7th of February is the Day against bullying and cyberbullying. The day against bullying was enstablished in 2017, to raise awareness of the phenomen. Today, in Italy half of the adolescents are victims of verbal bullying, 44 per cent of physical bullying. We need to know about this phenomenon in order to avoid the tragedies that happen because of it; for example, a girl named Carolina Picchio committed suicide because her classmates had filmed and shared a video in which they raped her while she was unconscious. In the USA, in 1999, 2 boys planted two bombs in their school and shoot in, all to kill their bullies. In 2021, a boy tried to burn alive two schoolmates who had spread heavy gossip about him.

There have also been countless other suicides, murders and massacres caused by bullying. If you or someone you know is beign bullied or cyberbullied, talk to your teacher, your parents, the postal police or an adult, because sometimes it takes very little to avoid tragedies, a few words are enough to save a lot of human lives. Cyberbullyng is a problem, if you like, even greater than “traditional bullying”. With the Internet we think we are anonymous, and for this reason we say much more offensive things than we would say face to face, because we don’t see the reactions of the victims.

The net can lead to horrendous facts like revenge porn. Revenge porn is the crime that has been enstablished to indicate the sending of pushy or pornographic material without the consent of the people concerned or for revenge. A victim of this says: “ They are shooting my private videos on social networks such as Telegram or WhatsApp, videos not shared by me and some of these facts without my knowledge. I filed a complaint, they are tracking down and sharing the videos, because this too is a crime under the red code. It’s a situation that I don’t really wish on anyone.” Her name’s Diana Di Meo, she is a quite famous referee.

The situation of bullying, especially if it is serious like those of revenge porn, leads victims to a state of desolation for which they risk committing suicide or massascres, or even more. A girl was lured and led to suicide, and all of this was allowed by the situation in which she found herself. She had a disabled brother, she was adopted because of family problems and was heavily bullied at school. She took refuge in a forum online, where she said she wanted to buy a dog. A person contacted her saying he would give her money for the dog if she would send him a topless photo, justifying the fact by saying he wanted to do a portrait in charcoal.

Matthew Falder in a picture

The girl, called “victim five” today for the modus operandi of the man – a serial pedophile called Matthew Falder – sent him a picture of hers and Falder, who had hitherto passed off as a woman named Liz, told her that if he didn’t send him more, he would share that photo with all his contacts and bullies. She continued to follow the request of the man, more and more degrading, who published the girl’s pictures on a site on the dark web, until, exasperated, she killed herself.

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