William Shakespeare: his works and the universal meaning of life

William Shakespeare was an important English playwright and poet – most of all, he is considered as the most important and the most imminent writer of Western culture. He is considered as the most representative poet of the English people, his plays have been translated into all the major languages of the world and have been staged more often than any other work. He is also the most cited writer in the history of English literature and many of its language expressions have entered daily English.

The time of composition of most of Shakespeare’s works is in about twenty-five years, between 1588 and 1613. He was able to combine the popular taste of his time with a complex characterization of the characters, a refined poetic and a remarkable philosophical depth. As well as in life, he became famous after his death and his works were exalted and celebrated by numerous and important figures throughout the following centuries.

Not having many documents about him, we don’t really know everything about his private life, but we know that an asteroid was dedicated to him: 2985 Shakespeare.

I consider this playwright very important because with his words you can understand the true meaning of life. Personally, I have decided to write a news article about him to invite everyone to read some of his works.

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Giulia Guaiana