JOURNALIST: Hello everyone, today I will do an interview with Sangiovanni, a competitor of Amici20.

JOURNALIST: Hi Sangiovanni, today I’d like to interview you, okay?


JOURNALIST: Ok then let’s get started!

JOURNALIST: What is your real name?

SANGIOVANNI: My real name is Giovanni Damian.

JOURNALIST: Why is your stage name Sangiovanni?

SANGIOVANNI: So, my name comes from a game on words: Giovanni and Santo. The latter because I have always been told not to have the face of a saint.

JOURNALIST: How old are you?

SANGIOVANNI: I am 18 years old, I was born on January 9, 2003.

JOURNALIST: Where were you born? Where do you live?

SANGIOVANNI: I was born in Vicenza and I live in Vicenza.

JOURNALIST: Do you have brothers or sisters?

SANGIOVANNI: I have a brother and a sister.

JOURNALIST: How tall are you?

SANGIOVANNI: I’m 1.80 tall.

JOURNALIST: Do you have a girlfriend?

SANGIOVANNI: Yes, her name is Giulia Stabile and she is 19 years old.

JOURNALIST: How many and which songs have you written?

SANGIOVANNI: I wrote 6 songs: Lady, Tutta la notte, Malibu, Gucci bag, Hype e Non +.

JOURNALIST: Are you happy that Giulia, your girlfriend at Amici20, won?

SANGIOVANNI: Of course, if she’s happy, so am I.

JOURNALIST: Ok, the interview is over. Hello! See you next time!

SANGIOVANNI: Ok, see you next time

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