What we want most after a stressful year are the holidays. What do you think about it? Isn’t it the same for you too? After test, interviews and DDI, we want to relax. Are you curious to know which is our favourite holiday destination? Well! It wasn’t that easy to choose. We are four, and with different ideas. But the thing that made us all agree is that there is no holiday without the sea. So, we decided that the place we would like to visit all four is Barbados. Barbados is an island, considered a real paradise on earth, thanks to one of the most crystalline seas in the world, the Caribbean Sea. You will wonder why we chose Barbados as our travel destination. Well! The answer is very simple, we chose it for its tropical climate, the white sand that runs along every point of the island, separating the green areas from the crystalline sea and for the fact that inside the sea there are fascinating animals, which you can observe, such as sea turtles, and which you can get close to: if you are lucky, you can bathe with whales. 

 Then we would like to taste the famous flying fish and coucou, the typical dish of the island. It is prepared with fried flying fish with cornmeal and okra, a typical tropical vegetable; coucou is similar to Italian polenta. Surely a particular dish! Would you like to taste it too?

And then we resist, there are only two months to the end of the school. Of course, we don’t think it’s possible to go to these places this summer. But dreaming costs nothing!                               

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Ambra Verreschi, Martina Bonelli, Leonardo Giunta, Gabriele Lippi


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