End of the state of emergency, back to normality?

For almost more than a month, all the newspapers have been reporting phrases such as “Covid, the farewell to green passes and masks begins on April 1”, surreal as a thing, will it be April Fool’s Day? And no, the state of emergency, which began two years ago to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, is no longer in force in Italy. With the passage to this new phase many behaviours are changing and the rules are less stringent, for a slow return to normal, but about this someone asserts “We will never go back to normal pre-covid” and therefore we ask ourselves why? Covid has changed us all, it has changed our lives, our habits, our way of interacting with those around us, but most of all it has made us understand how fast life runs, bringing with it a lot of fear and pain. We have been locked in the house for too long, but we have also rediscovered or discovered it for the first time, experiencing it in every corner. We have experienced new conflicts and balances in the family. We have adopted new cleaning and sanitizing systems, we have lived in our pajamas or almost and welcomed school at home as well as work. We lost sleep, worked a lot harder by pushing the accelerator to digital like never before. We have also experienced or witnessed a growing sense of social responsibility on the part of a large part of the community. All aspects that have taken the place of other pre-coronavirus priorities and are now impacting our lives by influencing many of our choices, present and future. 

In short, all this has marked us, but has it really made it? The answer is yes, it has. The first factor on which the pandemic has weighed heavily is the psychological one. These 15 months of lockdown, loneliness, video calls, pain, illness, monotony, job loss and economic difficulties have caused a huge increase in cases of anxiety and depression. All this today is transformed into constant fatigue, poor concentration and unproductiveness whether at school, at work or during everyday life, we therefore notice a difficulty reintegrating into everyday life.

Many then wonder if the habit of wearing masks will disappear quickly. Personally, I am not convinced: I believe that in supermarkets, in public restrooms, in restaurants, in study rooms, they will stay for a long time. Many will perhaps continue to carry them even when the pandemic is truly over. I believe that the pandemic will really be over when we no longer find masks in jeans, trousers and jackets that have been discontinued for a while.

Each of us has had many questions that we ask ourselves every day since the beginning of all this, but only time will be able to give us concrete answers. For now we can only say that the end of the restrictions seems almost like a breath of fresh air, but you have to be careful because it takes a moment to fall back on it; someone says that man does not learn, it is human nature to forget past tragedies and then more later make the same mistakes, but I am not at all convinced of this. We need to understand and know what has happened to us, see and touch the wounds that this period has inflicted on us and get a clear idea of what will be normal from now on. Perhaps, and I hope so, warmly we will all be more responsible; perhaps we will take the freedom we enjoy less for granted; maybe we will give more value to the people around us.

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Beatrice Rabbito




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