✨Ariana Grande✨

Today I want to write about a girl I admire. She has Italian origins but she has become a world-wide faous star!

We know this tiny woman but “Grande” as surname as a very talented singer-songwriter …

but did you know she is also an actress?

Ariana Grande started singing at the age of eight when while acting for a television program she was immediately noticed by Gloria Estefan … since that moment Ariana Grande’s singing career began.

There are so many things that not many people know … for example did you know that Ariana Grande is a huge fan of Harry Potter? Well,if you didn’t know now you know.

Ariana Grande is 28 years old, she was born on June 26, 1996, she is a very cheerful and sunny girl.

Her brother is Frankie Grande and he is also an actor … you may have seen him in many American TV series (such as Henry Danger …)

Ariana Grande is very attached to her dogs, she’s got a lot and they are all adopted, their names are: Ophelia, Fawkes, Cinnamon, Coco, Lafayette, Sirius, Strauss, Pignoli, Toulouse and Myron.

Ariana Grande’s hobbies before becoming a singer was singing, her only passion.

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